Black Marks Treatment

Skin Hydration and Dark Spot removal therapy!

Black Marks / Dark spots on skin appear as a flat area with discoloration ranging from pink to red, purple, brown or black, depending on your skin tone and the depth of the discoloration. Common causes of these are hyperpigmentation, high levels of sun exposure, pimple/acne spots, facial hair removal or even hormonal fluctuations triggered by pregnancy and oral contraceptives.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH is the medical term for dark spots that appear as skin’s natural response to inflammation due to injury or trauma as a result of acne, abrasion, burns, etc.

A wide variety of dark spot removal treatments are available at Angels Skin Clinic, consult the best skin specialist at Angels Wellness who will not just help you out with the best skin care regimen to get rid of black marks, but also an in-depth process is followed for skin hydration and to stimulate collagen production.

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Frequently asked Questions on Black Marks Treatment:

Excess Melanin production causes dark spots on Skin. Too much stress, excess exposure to Sun, pollution etc. are some of the reasons leading to excess production of Melanin causing dark spots on Skin.
Angels provides Advanced Dark spot removal treatment customized according to your skin type. The expert Dermatologists would analyze your Skin type and suggest the best solutions.
Angels Dark spot removal treatment will help in the removal of Dark spots, however regular skin maintenance and suitable sun protection should be used to have a clear skin.