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The Ultimate destination for all your Slimming, Skin and Hair care worries!

Angels is an Advanced Cosmetic clinic and has been a front-runner for close to three decades in the field of Cosmetology. With high level of professional expertise and unmatched care aligned with advanced technologies, consistently proven treatments and methodological therapies, our clients are much happy and contented. Angels was found in the year 1991 and pioneered in the field of Aesthetics and Cosmetology. In just a short span of time, it spread across South India with 15 branches and 200 plus employees. The corporate office is in Hyderabad with exclusive branches in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Our state of art technology and the team of expert Doctors, Physiotherapists, Cosmetologists, Trichologists and Nutritionists, ensure that Angels is the best Hair clinic, Weight loss clinic and provides best Skin care ever. We are proud to be one of the leading brands with 1 million plus happy customers to date. Our enthusiastic and passionate team provides detailed information and guidance to the customers about the advanced non-surgical and surgical treatments.

Angels Wellnesss

Every care is taken to meticulously guide every client to ensure complete satisfaction before one makes the final decision. We believe every client is an empowered consumer. Angels clinic offers quality and result oriented services to treat all problems of Hair, Skin and Body Care. We at Angels are happy that you chose the right Beauty and Health partner for all your slimming, Skin and Hair related needs and are sure that you will walk out of the clinic with Poise, Style, and Confidence. We ensure that in-depth analysis of your body, skin and hair is thoroughly done before a customised treatment is advised for effective results. Walk into any of our wellness and experience our high-end result oriented cosmetic services.

Aesthetics is the art and appreciation of beauty. Modern cosmetology is the practice of systematic, scientific principles. Our cosmetic wellness in India are a blend of traditional and modern techniques to bring about best results. When you consult, make it a point to share all the facts. This will ensure perfect analysis, accurate diagnosis and efficient solutions. Be transparent and express your beauty and aging concerns. Our cosmetic experts have the skills and expertise to resolve them. We offer treatments with precision and perfection. We deliver top class therapeutic care for all Hair, Skin and Body Treatments.

Beauty is a combination of healthy and voluminous hair, glowing and flawless skin, and an attractive and healthy personality.

Physical beauty is not just skin deep, it also has a powerful impact on your psychology and social relations. Grooming and cosmetic treatments also make you feel Positive, Enriched and Blissful. Beauty (Hair, Skin, and Body) is not limited to the women in today’s world. It is essential for every individual to take care of themselves, because good looks make you feel STRESS-FREE, OPTIMISTIC, and MOTIVATED. Cosmetology is not just about flawless skin and healthy hair; it is a science researched by Dr Radhika Reddy to bring in customer treatments. The root cause of all problems is diagnosed by the experts and customized treatments are recommended based on the individual hair, skin, body type and needs. Best in class techniques, advanced equipment, lasers, peels, etc., are used which match the industry standards. Angels offers personalised state-of-the-art, non-surgical and surgical services with the focus on the clients' requirements, giving them an opportunity to look and feel their best. We are honest, straightforward in our approach advising you as to what is for you with all sincerity and dedication. Our clinic is hygiene specific with a soothing ambiance, and the staff is courteous, kind, and considerate.